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CBCT Scanner & Digital Panoramic Referrals

This section is for dental professionals only.

Dear Colleague,

We welcome your Cone Beam CT and Digital Panoramic referrals to our practice. Rest assured we will provide the best care for your patients. We guarantee to return your patient to your ongoing care following completion of their scan.

We are pleased to introduce the state of the art Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic Cone Beam CT Scanner. You can obtain complete information on your patient’s anatomy in the minutest detail. This X-ray unit provides Digital Panoramic, Cone Beam CT imaging as well as 3D model and impression scans. It can capture a larger diagnostic area with a Single Rotation Scan without stitching.

Your patient will benefit by lower radiation dose.

We can use a variety of scan sizes

-5cm x 5cm (Small Field of View),

-5cm x 8cm (Maxilla or Mandible)

-8cm x8cm (Both Jaws)

Endodontic assessment uses a Small FOV (5cm x 5cm) and 100 micron voxel size. Implant survey is usually done at 5cm x 8cm or 8cm x 8cm FOV at 150 micron. If you plan to assess multiple implant sites or want to construct a surgical guide, we recommend that you do not request a small FOV (5cm x 5cm). Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We are happy to offer a dual scan technique protocol without an additional charge for the patient. If the patients does not have a radiographic stent, we can add removable radiographic markers (chargeable to the patient) to an existing acrylic or flexible denture (Chrome cobalt denture will not be suitable for this). We can also scan an impression or model and provide you with a stl file.

Moreover, as you are surely aware there is a requirement that all Cone Beam CT scans are reported by a suitably trained person. Please indicate if you require a report upon the scan by our Consultant Radiologist (Medical history and relevant Dental History must be included on the referral request).

We will send your scan by email so please include a valid email address with your referral. Panoramic x-rays will be sent on JPEG format. Cone Beam CT scans will be delivered on an email link that also contains the romexis viewer software. You can naturally use the DICOM file on your own viewing software. We are happy to provide assistance with the romexis viewer if you require it.

King Square Dental Practice is centrally located in Somerset. The practice in situated in a Grade II listed building in the centre of the large historic market town of Bridgwater. King Square is just a short drive from either Junction 23 or Junction 24 of the M5.

Ioannis Myridakis

Clinical Director & Implant Dentist

DDS (Athens) MSc (Dental Implantology, University of Central Lancashire)

Make a referral

Please fill in the form below, attach any case radiographs or photos that you may have and click on the ‘Send Referral’ button to forward your referral electronically to us.  Alternatively you can download the referral form and post it to us together with any relevant radiographs.

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Imaging Referral Form

  • Referring Dentist Details

  • Patient Details

  • Examination Required

  • Cone Beam CTDigital Panoramic

  • Please complete this section for Cone Beam CT only

  • Radiographic Stent provided to the patient: YesNo
  • Dual Scan Technique required: YesNo
  • Scan of impression or model required (no additional cost): YesNo
  • Addition of radiographic markers on the patient’s stent/denture required (at additional cost): YesNo
  • Medical History

    (Required if you would like to use reporting service by a Consultant Radiologist)

  • Please indicate area of interest:

  • 87654321
  • 12345678
  • 87654321
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  • Software and image delivery

  • You will receive an email containing a link to the CBCT viewer and the Dicom Files.
    Panoramic x-rays will be delivered directly to your email.
    Please make sure to provide a valid email address with your referral.

    IRMER 2000 Regulations: King Square Dental Practice does not routinely report upon scans or radiographs. To comply with the
    IRMER 2000 regulations all radiographs and scans are required to be reviewed and reported into the clinical notes by the
    referring practitioner or by a radiologist. King Square Dental Practice strongly recommends that all CT and other radiographic
    examinations should be reported upon to rule out the possibility of coincidental pathology. King Square Dental Practice offers a
    reporting service by a Consultant Radiologist.

  • I have added my patient’s medical history in the notes above for this radiographic examination to be reported upon by your Consultant Radiologist.
  • I will make my own reporting arrangements.